Bentley Layne and Xavier Ryan – Helping Hands (SouthernStrokes)

Bentley Layne and Xavier Ryan - Helping Hands

While hanging out with their buddies, soaking up some rays and loving the swimming pool, Bentley Layne and Xavier Ryan research their budding relationship with naive hands carrying and dig deep into each others eyes. ) They then just take it a step farther. No, they do not have intercourse. Not precisely. YesXavier Ryan is nude, and at bed, however getting a sensuous massage. Blond and sensual, the tattooed young stud rubs himself around Xavier, either of these relishing the feeling, the signature. From time to time they move somewhat farther — Bentley plays Xavier’s penis, Xavier stinks Bentley a little, both rub their cocks against each other — but that is about being lively. It is all about how much control you’ve got on your boyfriend. It is all about pushing to determine just how much you can go before character takes over to meet your excitement. And following Bentley’s helping handslucky Xavier appreciates a professional handjob, spraying a load of cum all over his stomach before hitting the shower to wash up together.

Bentley Layne , Xavier Ryan

scrin_Bentley Layne and Xavier Ryan - Helping Hands

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