Bentley Fills Cameron’s Tight Ass (CollegeDudes)

Bentley Fills Cameron's Tight Ass

Cameron Taylor and Bentley Michael are ready to fuck, but until they get that they take their moment warming up each other. They kiss and undress, Bentley putting on his knees suck Cameron’s fat dick, sucking and licking and spitting around that large cock as he appears in Cameron. But soon it is Cameron’s turn to preference Bentley’s beef Bentley lies on the bed and allows Cameron wrap his mouth around Bentley’s penis, that thick rotating travel up and down between Cameron’s gentle lips. Bentley desires to taste each portion of Cameron, however, so he pulls from Cameron’s mouth and also spreads Cameron’s buttocks aside, shoving his face between these supple lips since he rims that gap. Bentley tongue laps in Cameron’s buttocks till he replaces it with his penis and fucks Cameron difficult, his thick, stiff dick filling Cameron upward as he drops into him deeper and much quicker. Cameron wraps his hands across his prick, his tight clasp which makes him take his load Bentley’s cock pulls out of his pit. However, if Bentley sees that cum flyhe pulls and jerks himself off, spilling his jizz around Bentley.

Bentley , Cameron

scrin_Bentley Fills Cameron's Tight Ass

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