Bare Bedfellows, Sc 3 – Jaro Stone, Vittorio Vega (Staxus)

Bare Bedfellows, Sc 3 - Jaro Stone, Vittorio Vega

Mind, Stone’s equally responsive in return; grabbing hold of Vega’s cock and gobbling manfully away on every rampant inch of throbbing flesh available. In return, Vega’s soon showing his own very eager appreciation of Stone’s five-star butt-picker; but there’s no denying that it’s the stalwart who edges out the relative newcomer here, and it should come as no surprise to anyone when Stone finally succumbs to his carnal urges and allows Vega to first rim and then fuck his tender pucker. That signals the first moments of a terrific set-piece that sees our long-term hero pummelled in a succession of ball-busting positions. Culminating in Stone taking a full-on facial, before jetting all over Vega in return – his own face still dripping with spunk as he does so!

Jaro Stone, Vittorio Vega

scrin_Bare Bedfellows, Sc 3 - Jaro Stone, Vittorio Vega

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