BadPuppy – Cory and Martin Sex Scen

Martin didn’t notice he is walked up behind by Cory and or did he notice his trousers are unzipped by Cory. Martin only happens to roll-over and he views Cory standing behind him, trousers along together with his penis in his palm by what he really wants to do to Martin evidently daydreaming. Martin movements Cory happily and around swallows every-inch of Cory’s penis. After Cory’s cock that is providing Martin draws his pants to his toes stay and returns the cock support by operating every-inch of Martin’s rock solid penis. Cory requires the full time to function Martin’s butt with language and his hand, setting it up prepared for his penis. Cory moves slowly in the beginning, permitting Martin to obtain usedto his width; but, once in, Cory starts fucking Martin quicker and harder. Cory forces his thighs back flips Martin around on his back and shoves his penis right back. As in tempo with Cory’s shots he jerks his penis, pleasuring herself, Martin takes his cock. Cory it has to take out as he hits his heavy weight jizz throughout Martin and gets over-excited first.

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