Andrej and Borek – SOFT DUOS

Andrej Lamos is a very handsome guy, with a good body. We have him in a lovely soft duo with Borek Sokol. Borek interviews Andrej at the start and then they each remove their tee shirts as Borek persuades Andrej to experiment a little. Borek keeps up his chatting, persuading Andrej out of his pants. Borek takes his jeans off too and then reaches over to release Andrej’s cock and balls from his underwear. He takes Andrej’s hand and places it on his groin. Andrej responds, gently groping Borek. Borek then helps him out of his underwear and takes hold of his cock, gently wanking it. Borek then pulls his own cock out, and then removes his underwear. His cock is already quite hard and Milen reaches over to get a feel of it. They wank each other and Borek takes some oil and drips on each cock in turn. Andrej’s thick cock gets rock hard as they keep wanking each other. Borek leans over and begins to kiss Andrej’s neck. Then Borek moves Andrej so he can get between his legs. He wanks both cocks together before moving down and sucking on Andrej’s. He keeps sucking on Andrej’s cock and persuades him into a very nice 69. Andrej climbs over Borek and wanks on his cock, then he licks it. They move again and Andrej is between Borek’s legs, so he can really suck on his hard cock. Then they sit side by side and wank themselves to see who can cum first. Borek wins, he shoots a nice creamy load and is quickly followed by Andrej who does the same. Then they go off to the shower to clean up after a lovely scene.

Duration: 27mn 44s 106ms Length: 812 MiB
Video: AVC at 4 000 Kbps, 1920 x 1080
Audio: AAC at 87.2 Kbps, 48.0 KHz

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