AlphaMales – Hans Berlin & Saul Leinad

Hans Berlin gradually gets bearded black dad Saul Leinad from his foreplay. Undaunted by the magnitude of Saul’s large uncut beast cock, Hans Instantly falls to his knees to worship the heavy, meaty slab the Shade of milk chocolate. Hans may be a fantastic shirt but he is an excellent Underside because he follows Saul’s directions on taking his cock. But shortly, Hans craves something H-U-G-E to stretch his hole and then fill his butt, just As Saul wants a cock hungry white son to fulfill his bareback recommends. Saul takes control of Hans, rimming his butt then stuffing the beast Meat balls deep within the cockwhore, with little more than spit. Hans Looks like he can hardly believe he has taken the entire thing, let Lonely that he is getting fucked as deeply and completely as Saul can. But even Hans wants somewhat more lube and Saul Provides it to him. He then provides Hans the fuck of his life, nearly Fucks the cum from this eager cock slut, which makes Hans very pleased.

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