Alex Whale & Lior Hod (Staxus)

Alex Whale & Lior Hod

The spirit of the sphere may well have induced Lior Hod into an open-air frenzy of Tai Chi; but given the option of training his mate, Alex Whale, in martial arts, or alternatively fucking the living daylights out of the well-hung fucker, Hod opts for the latter. And who the hell can blame him? Whale is pretty much everything a horny gay lad could ever wish for – tall, slim, and boasting the kind of king-sized dong that is literally the stuff of dreams. He’s also a dirty little slut, if truth be told – a fact that’s quickly underlined by the haste with which the fellow fires his attention at Hod’s crotch, pulling it out of his mate’s pants and slurping on it like a fully paid-up cock-whore.

Alex Whale , Lior Hod

scrin_Alex Whale & Lior Hod

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