AGGRO2 Scene 3 Andro Maas & Anthony Taylor Hole Control (UKHotJocks)

AGGRO2 Scene 3  Andro Maas & Anthony Taylor  Hole Control

It was a long time coming but we eventually paired up just two of HotJocks greatest names and many iconic actors, Andro Maas and Anthony Naylor. Anthony includes a fearful excitement in his eyesthat he can not wait to get dominated! Steely and unkind, Andro waits to get a submissive Anthony to scale the fuck box and then creep his way across to him. Not satisfied with whatever soft like a kiss, so he teaches him to open up his mouth so that he could spit into it. Face pushed into Andros crotchthat he bends the leather-like cloth, begging him to receive his thick, hard prick outside. Gradually unzipping the front of his jock and slipping his fat out , Anthony has to operate, all of the while introducing, arching his ideal arse up, prepared for review. Andro lays back, appreciates his blowjob and indulges him little by beating his arse, only a sign of what is to come after. Spinning him so he could stuff his cock down deep to his throat, then examining his mettle, today Andro is actually enjoying himself! Greater than just 1 sided 69 till Andro can not resist tasting Anthonys large meat also. Not only tasting, licking, licking, squeezing some palms up his arse… very primal, very sexy! Obtaining him bent he chooses a firm grasp of his own harness and railings his way . If you did not know the specific intent of a leather tap, then you certainly do ! Down him he climbs on the top and fucks him practically throughout the fucking box! All of the time Anthony is pushed , helpless and forced to survive an energy fuck. Relinquishing just a tiny hands and carrying a well earned break, Andro sits back and allows Anthony ride himto show him just how far he needs his penis. Taking into the suspended tractor tyre, Anthony lays back and considers Liverpool while Andro exerts the force and influence of a 200kg glancing fuck bench.pulling him all of the way his cock off and back again, he keep that gap open! Ramping up the seriousness he pulls in closer and thrusts, he is thrusting for cum, fucking flows of cum from Anthony while he screams down the place! Throwing back him on the large box one final time and yanking his mind to hang on the border, prepared to obtain the face of his entire life…

Andro Maas , Anthony Taylor

scrin_AGGRO2 Scene 3  Andro Maas & Anthony Taylor  Hole Control

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