ActiveDuty – Rick Sanchez solo

Hey Troops,A brand new recruit believes he’s got what it takes to be portion of This elite squad we’re always building. Now we’ve Rick, he is When Rick is not Trying out his pornography dreams you’ll be able to find him in the forest hiking on the Local routes and appreciating the sun.Rick has quite a youthful look to him and Rightfully so when he is barely 19. He is a tall slim young man with He has quite a wonderful cock which would match Perfectly to any one of the elite vets should they opt to take Rick on. Claude provides us some wonderful views of the furry butt while his legs have been Distribute on the couch pulling his cock. You can see all of the Youthful fuzz and succulent balls only awaiting some focus. You Might observe that Rick goes from naked than before wearing panties Than back to a sweat pants. Rick has a material fetish he wants To sense it on his cock or body that helps him get more. It is Very unique and that I do not believe we’ve ever come across it here in AD however viewers. enjoy. He is quiet but he is deep in the zone because his load is assembling Until every last fall is over his smooth chest. Enjoy the Close up of his jizz.

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