SlowTeasingHandjobs – Wild Intense Blow Job


Straight Danny is tied to a bed and driven wild with a blow job delivered by an older gay man. He gasps, moans and thrust his hips as my friend Pete relentlessly sucks a load from the horny, young man. Danny is in a state of demented pleasure, panting "oh god, oh god" as Pete kept...

SlowTeasingHandjobs – Unauthorized Orgasm


I had gay cutie Nathan tied to my bench, licking, sucking and stroking his hard cock and big, full balls. I told him he had to wait for permission to cum or I would tickle him (he's extremely ticklish) to ruin the orgasm. Then I set out to make sure he lost control. I...

SlowTeasingHandjobs – Kyles Slow Hand and Blow Job


New model Kyle is a sexy, toned, edgy 24 year old straight guy with a tight firm body and nice cock, down for anything to make money. I tied him to my massage table and enjoyed fondling his sexy body, then licked and sucked his big, full balls. His cock became hard immediately as I sucked and...

RopedStuds – Matie part 8


Rope man Tynan fucks Matie like a cheap whore, reaming out the boy’s asshole with a massive, hard-rubber dildo, then ramming in a steel butt plug all the way in. Matie’s like a stuck pig, roped to the flat stool, arching his back against his bonds, as Tynan enjoys every inch of his body. Matie is then beautifully hogtied...

RopedStuds – Curtis part 3


Rope man Tynan plays with his new boy, roped spread-eagled to the wood and steel table, then unties his wrists and orders him to get hard and show off. Curtis get his huge, uncut cock good and hard then puts his arms back over his head and undulates on the table, like a good slave boy, giving his master...

DreamboyBondage – Matie – The Whipping Boy part 7


Matie remains on the rack but has been flipped over, his back and ass visibly scarred from previous whippings. Stripped to the waist, Jared strokes the boy’s muscles, appreciating the flesh he is about to shred with the whip. The first blow makes Matie gasp and shutter. The blows keep coming, harder and harder, to the boy’s back, ass...

DreamboyBondage – Alex Chandler – Putins Revenge part 8


“Time to turn it up to full power,” Jared announces, as Alex lies spread-eagled on the torture table, moaning, exhausted by the long hours of torture he has already endured. Then the current flows into his cock and balls - twice as strong as earlier - literally lifting him off the table and making every muscle in his lean,...

StraightMenInTrouble – Accidental Champ – Part 3


The scary masked man thinks he owns the boxer's ass. He wants to prove that point, and take the "champ" down to size. He's going to fuck him in the ass with dildos. Using his finger, then two dildos, he fucks the poor young man while he writhes in shame and pain, begging the masked man...

StraightMenInTrouble – Accidental Champ – Part 2


The man is going to teach the young athlete a lesson he'll never forget. Using a nasty wooden paddle, he starts to beat the boxer's ass. The young man pleads with him to save himself the pain and humiliation but the man is too angry to hear his apologies. He howls and yelps in pain with...

BreederFuckers – Chris II – 2nd video


We've really riled this angry fucker! Look into hetero Chris' eyes and you'll see hot burning hate! He is tied down in the most vulnerable position imaginable. His arse is spread with his sphincter fully on show and his heavy balls and cock flat against his taut stomach. He uses every muscle in his body to fight against his...

BoundGods – The Submission of Cameron Kincade (with Jessie Colter)


Held against his will, Cameron Kincade is fast asleep with his hands bound before the sting of the zapper abruptly wakes him up in a frenzy. His captor, Jessie Colter, intends to break his new slave, one way or another. Cameron is ordered to hold a strenuous plank as the zapper creeps its way into his hole, jolting him...

HardKinks – Ely Chaim & Martin Maza – Footstool Friend


Ely Chaim lands on Hardkinks and to welcome him we have prepared the best footrest we have: Martin Mazza. But as a good Lebanese he ends up getting very dominant and decides to give his submissive a good session of wild bareback sex. Direct Download

Str8Hell – Dusan Polanek – CFNM


Dusan Polanek stara in this Dream Set CFNM, which was suggested by Kris. His sexy cleaning lady is busy dusting, bending over and showing off her underwear as Dusan peeps through the open door. He rubs himself as he watches. Reaching into his jeans Dusan gropes himself, then he releases his rock hard cock and starts to wank. That...

FrenchDudes – Juicy Cock – Ronan KS And Manu


Manu and Ronan KS are back for a video a little kinky filmed at the bar cruising "the Next" in Paris. Ronan no longer has that teenage face and maturity goes pretty well. He became a very seductive hunk. Manu fell under the spell of our young man. We find them, with great pleasure, for a hot scene in which...

MachoFactory – PERVERT BEARS 3 – Fistingdeep


What other way to end this trilogy than with one of the deepest fist cessions of Benedictux who once again shows that there is not much his trained ass can't handle, here goes Josep elbow deep in the moist man hole Direct Download

WilliamHiggins – Arny, Marek and Alan RAW – BONUS – KINK


We have a bonus set today, Airport Security with Arny Donan, Alan Carly and Marek Borek. Arny Donan and Marek Borek are getting ready for some more hot action with Alan Carly. Alan is naked on the sofa, in handcuffs, as Arny and Marek start to drip wax on him. Despite Alan's moans Marek decides that Alan likes the...

Boynapped – A Jock Boy Properly Used! – Mickey Taylor, Koby Lewis


Handsome and fit Koby is no stranger to taking a big cock up his snug hole, Mickey couldn't wait to be there sliding into him. After being stripped naked and almost hog-tied on the bed, Mickey was soon in there ready to eat out his hole, stuff a massive toy up him, suck his juicy cock, then fuck him...

HairyAndRaw – Teddy Taggart and Teddy Torres


Hot young hairy daddy Teddy Torres is about to push pig bottom Teddy Taggart to his limit. At least, that's the top's intention. The thick hung, uncut hottie doesn't waste time with frivolous kissing or cock sucking. He goes straight for the jugular, big fat cock hard and throbbing, straight into Teddy. Once mounted, Torres pounds away at the...

Menonedge – Ali Liam – Hot biker gets edged in the motorcycle garage


Jessie Colter is finishing up his work down at the motorcycle garage. Just in time to play with his bound toy, Ali Liam, begging for attention. The hairy biker bulges from his jeans in anticipation, ready to feel Jessie's wet tongue slide up and down his thick cock. Biting down on the stud's nipples, Jessie strokes Ali with the...

NakedKombat – Trey Turner & Brian Bonds – Two muscled hunks back for redemption!


Back for redemption we have muscled hunk Trey Turner taking on southern stud Brian Bonds. With Trey having the superior size, he plans on wiping the mat with his opponent before fucking him senseless. Brian on the other hand, doesn't pose Trey as a challenge. He's fast, he's squirmy and he's hungry to fuck. The two butt heads and...

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