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SeanCody – Casper & Dean


Casper it’s his very first time doing something erotic having a man and has already been back. Dean obviously preferred what he couldn’t quit pressing Casper awaiting as soon as to pull his penis and display him a great time and noticed. Casper liked every minute of it, like when he touches me, it seems good.” Dean described herself...

SeanCody – Montana solo


Montana is a buff guy, and clearly works hard for that body of his. Although he has this great physique, we realized that he’s very modest, “You don’t even know that you’re hot, do you?” He quietly replied, “No, not really.” Along with his muscular build, his calm demeanor definitely makes him a hottie. Top that off with a...

SeanCody – Bareback – Conrad & Shaw


Conrad is as enthusiastic as actually to fuck some butt, and back. We combined him up with someone having a fantastic bubblebutt because we all know he’s an ass man! He lost almost no time went to expose his muscular system, and to grips with Shaw. Shaw replied by obtaining a peek the erotic pressure really was insane, so...

SeanCody – SC1803 – Mac & Duke


SeanCody - SC1803 - Mac & Duke Direct Download

SeanCody – SC1795 – Duke & Brandon


Duke natural and difficult hits within this within this SeanCody update that is warm. Direct Download

Seancody – SC1567 – Daniel & Brent


I really like how filthy Daniel is! “I am likely to fuck the shit ” Daniel said. He'd been chilling out within the spa with Brent and he was obtained with Brent’s doe- innocence. “He’s just like a small farm-boy who must get fucked!” Alone who had been enthusiastic is wasn’ted by Daniel. Hot,” Brent said. “I enjoy his salt-and-pepper hair!” The full...

SeanCody – SC1445 – Dane & Pierce – Bareback


" am I usually the underside?" He tried to create us genuinely believe that he was discouraged, but we knew. He held taking looks that were small . He desired to get fucked! "Take a Look At that butt," Dane joked. "I completely realize why everybody really wants to fuck it." Dane was in spirits that are excellent. He looked more beefy...

SeanCody – Dane & Jordan – Bareback


"you might have hands that are larger but check my butt out!" Dane laughed as he showed off his large, stunning behind and switched around. "Yes!" Jordan decided. "Your butt is certainly larger." Which was virtually how issues were right from the start. Dane had only a little competition happening. It had been about who might "out-do" who. Whenever we obtain a comfortable,...

SeanCody – Casper Solo


SeanCody - Casper Solo Direct Download

SeanCody – SC1549 Taylor & Dalton


Sometimes it takes the straight boys a little while to come around and try new things. I always enjoy getting a call or e-mail from a guy I haven’t seen in a while. I remember really liking Taylor because he was cute and shy. I also remember that he seemed to have a little bit of a wild side. Even though...

SeanCody – SC1509 – Ryan & Dalton


It had been over a year since I’d seen Ryan. You know how things go... he got busy with work and school and we’d just lost touch. I was at a big outdoor event up north when I spotted him across the crowd. I didn’t recognize him at first. He was shirtless and he’d put on more muscle. But once it...

SeanCody – SC1493 – Dalton & Aidan


“So I gotta be honest,” Aidan whispered to Dalton. “Whats up?” “I love your hairy balls!” Without missing a beat Aidan dropped to his knees and started licking Dalton’s balls. “We’re not even filming yet and he’s getting me hard!” Dalton said, looking down at Aidan, who was smiling at him with two big hairy balls in his mouth. Dalton was getting really excited....

SeanCody – SC1479 – Dalton & Pierce


I’m not sure that Pierce was prepared for someone like Dalton! “I think he is going to be a lot to handle!” Pierce said with a little giggle as we were walking down the beach. “Why do you say that?” “I don’t know... I guess I’ve just never seen a guy this excited,” he said. “Usually I’m the hyper one, running around...

SeanCody – SC0710 – Curtis, Trey & Rylan


It was the last day of our stay at the borrowed desert resort house. That is one fucking fun house — beautifully decorated and an awesome pool with complete privacy! The guys had so much fun! They were able to horse around and sleep in and lay out by the pool and really get to each other. By the end...

SeanCody – SC1917 – Curtis and Randy


Curtis rides Randy’s big cock bareback in this hot scene from SeanCody! Direct Download

SeanCody – Puerto Rico – Day 5 – Brysen & Kaleb


On this final day in paradise, Brysen’s wish finally came true…fucked by cute newcomer Kaleb! These two were like two peas in a pod from the moment they met, and it definitely showed. The sexual tension in the air was very strong, and Brysen just couldn’t keep his hands off Kaleb. “I’ve been hard since I looked at him...

SeanCody – Puerto Rico – Day 4 – Brysen, Daniel, Jayden & Manny


There’s something about a place like Puerto Rico that just brings out your wild side… That’s what happened when Brysen, Jayden & Manny went at it on the beach. Even more so when Daniel arrived on the picturesque island, leading the guys deep into a tropical forest where they could then go deep into each other! Needless to say,...

SeanCody – Cory & Robbie – Bareback


With winter striking everywhere but North Park, Cory and Robbie chose to go out towards the seaside to get a small bare-in-the-sun fun. “Do individuals actually fool around along below ? Cory requested. Robbie type of laughed at Cory, & ldquo do you consider they introduced along us below?!& rdquo Robbie was onto our strategy. The people got...

SeanCody – Bareback – Jack & Randy


JACK & RANDY MEASURE UP As you’d expect from Sean Cody’s biggest musclemen, Jack and Randy spend some time posing, posing off and even measuring various body parts – biceps, dick length, dick thickness even – before getting to the main event. But that main event, as it turns out, is well worth the wait. Jack tops throughout, leaving Randy to bottom,...

SeanCody – Bareback – Randy & Porter


Porter ripped me aside prior to the blast and was only a little anxious. “ Did you and Randy actually set me. Their wang is large ! I chuckled a little. “ rsquo & It;s your change Porter, best of luck ! It got a couple of minutes to him to simply accept he would be plowed by among...

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