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RopedStuds – Dirk Wakefield part 2


RopedStuds - Dirk Wakefield part 2 Direct Download

RopedStuds – Matie part 10


Direct Download

RopedStuds – Matie part 9


Young Latin dancer Matie looks amazing hogtied on his back to a small, flat footstool. Every time he puts his head back, his back arches, showing off his sucked-in stomach and shapely chest, still covered with nasty welts from an earlier flogging. His wrists and ankles are roped together, with additional rope holding his thighs, pecs and shoulders to...

RopedStuds – Dirk Wakefield part One


Young blonde jock Dirk Wakefield is roped to a teak chair and deck bench in a way that forces him to arch his back, showing off his flat, hard stomach. The stud is roped at his wrists, spread wide on the bench, and his knees, bent over the chair. His throat is also roped to the bench. A ball...

RopedStuds – Matie part 8


Rope man Tynan fucks Matie like a cheap whore, reaming out the boy’s asshole with a massive, hard-rubber dildo, then ramming in a steel butt plug all the way in. Matie’s like a stuck pig, roped to the flat stool, arching his back against his bonds, as Tynan enjoys every inch of his body. Matie is then beautifully hogtied...

RopedStuds – Curtis part 3


Rope man Tynan plays with his new boy, roped spread-eagled to the wood and steel table, then unties his wrists and orders him to get hard and show off. Curtis get his huge, uncut cock good and hard then puts his arms back over his head and undulates on the table, like a good slave boy, giving his master...

RopedStuds – Matie part 7


Beautiful Latin boy Matie is roped to a stool, on all fours, face down, his hot, twink ass stretched and exposed. Rope man Tynan enters with his whip, making Matie moan with anticipation - then agony - as he beats him with the flogger, whipping his naked back and ass over and over. Then Tynan fucks him with a...

RopedStuds – Matie part 6


Matie, roped and suspended in mid-air to a steel workout apparatus, struggles helplessly as rope man Tynan ties a heavy weight to his cock and balls and fucks him ruthlessly with a giant black dildo. This muscle twink is the perfect fuck slave. Direct Download

RopedStuds – Curtis part 2


Rope man Tynan likes nothing more than to have a boy roped and helpless on his bondage table, arms stretched and roped overhead, legs bent at the knees and roped tight, cock and balls pulled out of his undies - a 100% helpless boy. So, of course, when he’s not whipping him, Tynan works the roped boy’s huge cock...

RopedStuds – Curtis part 1


19-year-old Curtis is roped on his back, legs down, arms overhead, and left to struggle for hours. Our Rope men Tynan and J.J. spot the kid shooting hoops at a neighborhood playground — wearing tiny, see-through shorts, a sexy little jock strap and a half-shirt — and immediately fall in lust with his boyishly lean body. There is nothing...

RopedStuds – Matie part 5


Our new rope man, Tynan, likes suspension. He ropes young Matie in midair, hanging from a steel workout apparatus, showing off his naked body to perfection. Matie can struggle and flex, but he is helpless, an object of desire on display and available for anyone who wants to enjoy him. And Tynan wants him. He strokes every inch of...

RopedStuds – Matie part 4


Rope man J.J. loves the way Matie gasps in pain by sucking and exhaling, as if he can somehow expel the pain of the razor-sharp pinwheel cutting into his fresh whip marks. Soon the gasps turn into rapid, agonized moans, much more internalized, as if the boy is now absorbing the pain instead of expelling it. The boy is...

RopedStuds – Alex Chandler part 5


Alex Chandler ‘s lanky, lean body is accentuated by having him stretched out on a long wooden bench, his wrists bound above his head, his ankles duct-taped to the bench, his stomach sucked in hard, his back arching seductively. Rope man J.J. appreciates his beautiful boy for a moment, then works his beautiful cock and balls, getting him nice...

RopedStuds – Alex Chandler part 4


Alex was meant to be bent over and bound. The position emphasizes the lovely curve of his long back. It spreads his gorgeous butt cheeks, reveling a beautiful puckering boy hole. Rope man J.J. soon has two fingers shoved up that hole, as he caresses the boy’s entire body. Then he switches to a fat, hard dildo, making Alex...

RopedStuds – Nikolai part 9


Rope man J.J. continues to manhandle his blonde muscle boy, Nikolai, slapping his bulbous butt and spreading his cheeks to inspect his quivering hole then beating his ass with a leather spanker. Nikolai’s boyish moans are the perfect combination of agony and helplessness. When J.J. tires of beating his slave boy’s ass, he ropes off his balls and stretches...

RopedStuds – Matie part 3


Young, boyish muscle twink Matie looks amazing in his sexy jock. The white elastic straps frame his ass like a piece of art. The boy is roped, arms overhead, legs spread wide, to a steel apparatus. His beautiful, tanned back and ass are decorated with whip-marks from an earlier beating. Still, his captor, rope man J.J., isn’t done whipping...

RopedStuds – Matie part 2


Poor Matie is completely blind. His head is covered with a blackout hood. Otherwise he is completely naked, tied to a steel apparatus, legs spread, arms overhead. He has no idea what is happening to him or what will happen next. Sometimes, he feels a man’s hands on his body or stroking his cock, almost lovingly. The next moment,...

RopedStuds – Alex Chandler part 3


Long, lanky Alex Chandler is fastened to the prison bars with duct-tape at his wrists and ankles. Completely naked, he undulates seductively, showing off his lovely body and ass. He knows he’s totally helpless and vulnerable and it turns him on. His firm, round ass simply demands to be fucked. Rope man J.J. does that, first with his finger,...

RopedStuds – Alex Chandler part 2


Every once-and-a-while rope man J.J. gets tired of hemp and cotton and chooses to bind his boys with some material other than rope. Today, he uses black, cloth duct-tape, binding our lanky Russian, Alex Chandler, to the steel cage bars, at his ankles, around his pecs, and over his mouth. Alex is naked but for some slinky Trophy Boy...

RopedStuds – Jared part 2


Jared is roped on his back to the long, wooded bondage bench. His cock remains hard even as the twine-noose around the base of his balls pulls tight. Rope man Tynan Fox slaps Jared on his inner and outer thighs. Every time Jared jerks his legs he pulls the noose, which is tied to his toes, tighter. Tynan enjoys...

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