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Sex Scene – Realitydudes – Str8Chaser – Daniel


I saw Daniel Running on an empty Route and Watching his bulge Influence back and Forth in his basketball shorts gave me an instantaneous hard-on. I just HAD To get a taste of the nice bit, and for the correct cost, I left a Total meal of that sexy ass. Direct Download

Orgy Scene – Realitydudes – Tom Faulk, Zane Anders, Aston Springs, Brandon Evans – Train Fuck


Zane, Aston, Tom, and Brandon are rock-hard and prepared to fuck. They're So prepared in fact they spend hardly any time on blowing every other And almost instantly begin barebacking every other. The four intensely . And even then they maintain fucking. Direct Download

Realitydudes – RealityThugs – Aston Long & Juan Carlos


Aston Long and Juan Carlos fuck "Reality Thugs Style"! Picking up ladies At pubs may be simple for them, however, will a butt penetration be both Simple: Lubricant's on the table for a Motive Direct Download

Realitydudes – Dudes In Public 7 – Pierce Paris & Tony Shore


We are certain Pierce and Tony set out to have a genuine workout, however They all realized was a public fuck-fest we certain will not soon forget. These men aren't very bothered by how a bunch of individuals can (at any given time) see them blowing, rimming, fucking each other hard and Raw, and we are certainly here to...

RealityDudes – Ryan Bones and Shawn Hardy


We all fantasize about hooking up with that hot neighbor and this scene brings that fantasy to life. Ryan Bones and Shawn Hardy get hot and heavy while doing their laundry, with the excitement of getting caught at any point. who knew getting fucked on a dryer could be so much fun? Direct Download

Realitydudes – Dudes In Public 6 – Ryan Bones and Shawn Hardy


All of us think about hooking-up with that friend that is warm and that dream is brought by this picture alive. Shawn Hardy and Ryan Bones get large and warm while performing their washing, of having captured at any stage using the pleasure. Who believed getting fucked on the dryer might be enjoyment? Direct Download

RealityDudes – Spit Roasted – Aston Springs, Tom Faulk, Zane Anders


Aston is taking on both Zane and Tom's huge cocks by first giving them one of the best blowjobs of their lives. He gets them so riled up that they can't wait to spread his fine ass and dive right in. The rest is some of the best threesome fuck-fest you will ever see. Direct Download

RealityDudes – Str8Chaser – Ken


Ken is youthful and running. Together with gold hair and his orange eyes, rsquo & he;s absolutely wonderful. When prompted with a few cold-hard money, he confirms to provide us a display, and also to state that he is able to pull a cock, could be an exaggeration. Direct Download

Realitydudes – Str8Chaser – Damien S


I saw super beefy Damien S coming from the gym. He was pretty happy with any excuse to show off his tight body. With cars passing, he showed me his assets, but it was time to make it a bit more private at my hotel room. With a little convincing, he let me fuck his tight Str8 muscled ass...

RealityDudes – Public Sex – Dudes In Public 5 – Lucky Daniels,Miles Taylor


Another beautiful day outdoors, another golden opportunity to plow some ass behind some bushes. that’s exactly what Miles Taylor and Lucky Daniels did, and we’re all the more grateful for it. Direct Download

RealityDudes – Peepers – Miles Taylor, Ryan Sparks & Elye Black


Two peeping toms (Ryan and Miles) are enjoying watching Elye get freaky on his own, until they decide to join in the fun. The three then partake in an intense bareback and big-dicked threesome we won't soon forget. Direct Download

RealityDudes – Str8Chaser – Jimmy


I normally don't do this, but Jimmy was just too cute and I was not gonna let his loud mouthed girlfriend stop me. They both openned up with an offer of cash. I knew I had him once I got him to take off his shirt. I guess I went a step too far asking to see his big...

RealityDudes, RealityThugs – Intrigue and Scotte Millie


Scotte Millie's first encounter with us is one he won't soon forget because he got a taste of the great Intrigue. as soon as Intrigue whips his dick out, Scotte is all over that tick juicy meat. he blows Intrigue for a while before he gets flipped over and has his ass eaten out. Intrigue then starts fucking Scotte...

Realitydudes – Dudes In Public 4 – Spencer Whitman Fucks Brandon Evans


A walk on the beach quickly turns naughty as these two guys begin exploring their tight bodies, huge cocks, and hot asses all in plain sight Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links

RealityDudes – Dudes In Public Part 3 – Grayson Danielz, Alex Chandler


Fucking in an open field has never been such a rush. These two hot guys are intensely going at it and giving us the full treatment: blowjobs, rimjobs, and full bareback action, all at the risk of getting caught at any moment. Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links (High Quality)

Realitydudes – Dudes In Public – Scene 2 – Myles Landon & Jacob Durham’s Hiking Hookup


A beautiful day of hiking is made even better when a chance encounter turns raunchy. two big-dicked, hot dudes, Myles Landon and Jacob Durham, get down and dirty on the side of a mountain and recorded all the juicy bits for our viewing pleasure. Go through the captcha to get DIRECT DOWNLOAD links (High Quality)

Realitydudes – RealityThugs – Perry Smooth Knight & Knight


Perry Smooth Knight gets a MASSIVE surprise when he sees Knight’s dick for the first time, and his face says it all. Not one to back out from a challenge, Perry goes right for it and tries to deep-throat Knight, who just keeps getting bigger and bigger. When Perry is nice and ready, Knight starts pounding him, slowly at...

RealityDudes – Dudes In Public 1 – Charlie Pattinson & Conrad Logun


When a simple trash run turns into a full blown sexual encounter, we all win, as is the case for the first installment of Dudes In Public. Two smoking hot guys are partaking in some risky and amazingly hot outdoor fucking to kick off this one of a kind series. Streaming Video Only 360p Go through the captcha to get DIRECT...

RealityDudes – RealityThugs – Corey Woodz & Shawn Heart


Corey Woodz and Shawn Heart seem to have a great chemistry. Which really shows when Corey takes his pants off and Shawn goes right for Corey’s massive cock and tries to deep-throat it. As soon as Corey’s nice and rocket hard, he starts pounding Shawn’s eager ass until they’re both ready to unlead. For Corey, that means on Shawn’s...

RealityDudes – Str8Chaser – Damien

RealityDudes - Str8Chaser – Damien

Damien is a hot young student who’s up for anything. When I offered him some cash to show me what he was working with, he didn’t skip a beat, which encouraged me to ask for more. After some more cash was offered, he was willing to come back with me to my hotel room, where I got a real...

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