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Sex Scene – PrideStudios – Noah Donovan & Alex Gray – Surprise Doctor Visit


Alex is waiting at the physician's office to surprise Noah. When Noah walks In he's very amazed, but also perplexed as to why he's at his Area of work. Initially He's a little annoyed, but shortly Alex has him Alex Cannot wait to get Noah's large thick cock from his mouth and that he knows the way to do...

Sex Scene – MenOver30 – Anniversary Fantasy – Alexander Garrett, Jack Andy


He yells Jack to Receive his Bum in there and that he comes in rather obedient wearing leather boots and a Harness together with dark glasses. Has him odor and suck his hard cock through his trousers. He pulls him Back up and has him lick and smell at his entire body teasing him with his tough Penis but...

Sex Scene – ExtraBigDicks – Big Wet Cock – Jace Chambers, Chandler Scott


Jace is taking a shower once Chandler comes in and starts watching him. He joins him in the shower and soon Cannot keep his mouth Jace's Significant cock. They swap blowjobs with each other beneath the conducting Water of the shower and do a wonderful job of carrying each other's large hard cocks. Jace then places Chandler up against...

Sex Scene – MenOver30 – Damian Taylor & Hoytt Walker – Glory Hole Flip


Damian is at the Toilet Yanking his Penis Anticipating anybody Who is Prepared to return to the glory hole. Hoytt is cruising the toilet And lucky because he hears Damian supporting the stall. The hole to test it out and then he sticks his hands in and begins stroking Damian Starts to fuck Hoytt's hands till he pulls his...

Sex Scene – ExtraBigDicks – Jessie Alan & Max Gunnar


Boy Jessie Alan and his oversize, sexy dick. complaining. Max is 19 years old and he is from Largo, FL. We've Got a sense there may be More going on with both than meets the eye. Hmmm. We requested these Two what their favourite beverages were, alcoholic and alcoholic. Jessie For Max his favorite beverages would be We then...

Sex Scene – ExtraBigDicks – Elijah White & Jessie Alan


It Is an all you can eat, as we Provide you two Accredited Additional Large dicks. Go Figure! The very first, Jessie Alan requires no introduction. We can not Appear to get enough of the 24 year-old native Floridian with all the hot Ink and monster penis. This week we welcome back Orlando's very own Elijah White. Elijah, the...

Sex Scene – ExtraBigDicks – Trey Turner & Micah Brandt – Morning Wood


Trey is sitting looking at his Telephone If Micah comes walking To the bedroom carrying java and sporting a massive boner through his robe. Micah consistently has a raging boner from the evenings and Trey is constantly Prepared to assist him launch until he heads off for work and fortunately Now he has some additional time before he wants...

Sex Scene – PrideStudios – Sean Duran & Ali Liam – Much Needed Fuck


Sean has a Drama room where he Has been Attracting a few Chosen men to Get fun with. Once he Is done with the Guys he gives an Wonderful recount Within an Exclusive interview about how it went. You can hear Sean's Hot voice Distributed across the scene in keywords on which he had been thinking at That very...

PrideStudios – ExtraBigDicks – Jack Andy & Alex Gray – Is That Real


Jack is at the locker room wearing a very loose fitting pair of shorts And playing with his gigantic cock through the shorts. Initially Jack attempts to conceal himself, but Alex is certainly curious Jack then pulls out his enormous Cock and Alex is soon on his knees doing his very best to suck the whole Jack's cock is...

DylanLucas – Brenden Cage & Davey Anthony – Dirty Dishes


Davey is outside incredibly pissed off kicking and striking the dumpster. He is pacing back and forth angry he's always doing the dishes and Never getting the respect that he deserves. Once he releases a number of his Stress out he heads back to his home and starts doing the dishes. He mumbles to himself the way that his...

MenOver30 – Bear Hug – Brad Kalvo, Chandler Scott


Chandler is Brad's Pup and enjoys worshiping his enormous hairy body. Brad Enjoys giving him keep hugs and with him odor and rub his enormous hairy body. Chandler understands that Brad enjoys having his nipples sucked, so He pays extra attention to this portion of Brad's body when worshipping him. His huge bear balls deep. Brad subsequently puts Chandler...

ExtraBigDicks – 28 Inches Of Cock! – Jay Alexander, Noah Donovan, Jack Andy


This really is a major cock extravaganza! Nine ins and Noah Donovan has eight ins making to get a complete of Twenty nine inches of cock. They've just return from a night outside And flop down on the bed and begin referring to the evening. The Conversation turns into a man named Steven who's seemingly had sex with It...

PrideStudios – Long Time Cumming – Mike Maverick & Rego Bello


Mike is sitting alone in the locker room looking at his phone and he is visibly upset. Rego walks in and strikes up a conversation with him and Mike tells him he is upset because the guy he recently starting dating has a boyfriend and he would be nothing more than a ‘side piece.’ He is upset about always...

ExtraBigDicks – Big Cock Massage – Van Wilder & Joey Doves


Van has arrived at Joey since him back has truly been worrying and he requires a great massage. Joey starts watching his gluts and operating his miraculous fingers throughout Van’s back and has him lay face-down up for grabs. Joey subsequently finds he starts rubbing that also and that Truck has a significant big penis between his thighs. So...

PrideStudios – DylanLucas – Wesley Woods & Nate Grimes – Boss Man


PrideStudios - DylanLucas - Wesley Woods & Nate Grimes - Boss Man Direct Download

MenOver30 – Trey Turner & Ali Liam


Ali has come to Trey for a massage as his arm and lower back are really bothering him. Trey has him strip down and lie on the table face down as he begins massaging him. As Trey begins massaging Ali, we get to see how beautiful Ali’s body is. Trey then starts to massage Ali’s ass and based on...

ExtraBigDicks – I Love Big Cock – Osiris Blade & Hans Berlin


Hans and Osiris have been chatting online swapping pictures of their cocks. Hans has been extremely curious about being fucked by a BBC. Osiris shows up to his pad since he only lived about twenty minutes from Hans. Right away Hans wants to see Osiris's big cock. He pulls it out and Hans is even more excited. Hans begins...

PrideStudios – Toby Springs & Chandler Scott – Running Mates


Chandler & Toby are out for an afternoon run on a beautiful sunny day. They've been running together for weeks training for the upcoming marathon. They stop under a tree for some shade and to catch up on some breath. Toby realizes they've run about 2 miles and suggests that they should go back to Chandler's and have some...

MenOver30 – Fernando Del Rio & Rego Bello – Fucking At Work


Fernando is organizing the wardrobe and prop area of the studio he works at when Rego comes in and tells him that it looks great and they are all set for their clients the next day. He then starts making moves on Fernando, who is hesitant at first. Soon they are embraced in a passionate kiss and groping each...

DylanLucas – Stepdad’s Camera – Zander Cole & D Arclyte


Well well well, it looks like Zander is up to his old tricks once again. This time he's rummaging around in his Stepdad's camera bag. He has plenty of dick pics on his own cell phone camera but the quality with this camera is amazing. He checks the bag for any other useful contents but he pulls the camera...

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