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Bareback Scene – MormonBoyz – Elder Sorensen – The Sacrament


President Olsen is the Present senior Standing guardian of priesthood tradition. Much of the Brethren's contemporary practicesare beneath his careful Review and advice. Construction and service are in the heart of this Priesthood Purchase's passed from 1 generation of guys to another. Direct Download

Bareback Scene – MormonBoyz – Elder Garrett – INITIATION


Despite sporting the temple protect, Elder Garrett nevertheless felt vulnerable. The Shield should aid a boy feel somewhat small, but it highlights The simple fact that basically, he's still naked. He maintained repositioning the draped that the substance, subconsciously attempting to make himself vulnerable. After Once more he Wasn't completely Certain what was likely to take place. His company had succeeded...

Bareback Scene – MormonBoyz – Elder Xanders – THE COVENANT


Elder Xanders could taste the cum from his mouth. It had a powerful, Strong taste that appeared on his tongue nicely after he had swallowed. When That he reached the temple, that he had been attracted to a snowy veil and advised to Surrender entirely. endowment. Direct Download

Bareback Scene – MormonBoyz – Elder Sorensen – Ordination (with Bishop Angus)


Elder Sorenson was no stranger for to fucked from the Brethren. He had climbed to a degree of greet esteem in their positions as both a Dedicated winner and servant for your purchase. Direct Download

Bareback Scene – MormonBoyz – Elder Garrett – THE CALLING


Things between Elder Garrett and his Company Certainly changed after The both of them had intercourse. For one, Elder Xanders was Bashful about being Nude. Even after his probationary period ended, Both Promised the Same open-door policy they'd had previously. Direct Download

MormonBoyz – Elder White 2 (Full HD) 2017 Elder White, Bishop Angus, President Nelson


Elder White, Bishop Angus, President Nelson, President Oaks Under the Order’s guidance, innocent Elder White is quickly learning he’s an insatiable bottom. Now that he’s been initiated, he’s thirsty for even more intense experiences. During Elder White’s initiation, he’s thirsty for even more intense experiences. Now it’s time for him to make the Covenant that will seal his membership in...

MormonBoyz – Elder Holland – Bonds Of Brotherhood


President Oaks met Elder Holland regularly throughout his assignment. He Spoke with Elder Holland at length about his recruiting efforts. He Had Been Especially considering having the son recount the steamy details of His connections with Bishop Angus. Direct Download

MormonBoyz – Elder Xanders & Brother Calhoun – The Ward Mission Leader


Brother Calhoun could not quit thinking about what occurred on the stairs. In the nights that followed, he even dreamed concerning the manner Brother Strang caught down him and fucked him. Direct Download

MormonBoyz – Brother Calhoun – Temple Volation


Sibling Calhoun enjoys being the Ward Mission Chief. It offers him pleasure in order to improve the encounters of the missionaries and amazing satisfaction. Direct Download

MormonBoyz – Elder Garrett & Elder Xanders – Probation (with Bishop Angus)


Parent Xanders got naked and woke up. He switched on the bath and created his approach in to the toilet. He got underneath the flow and experienced the water to determine that it had been comfortable. All of this was program and regular aside from something: he'd to depart the toilet door open. Direct Download

MormonBoyz – Elder Holland – THE SACRAMENT


Every time Elder Holland encountered Bishop Angus, he found himself completely in awe of the man’s powerful physical presence. It was a little over a year ago that Elder Holland realized he was drawn to the smooth, slender teenage boys serving alongside him as missionaries. Bishop Angus, of course, couldn’t be more different. The bishop was always very friendly and inviting to...

MormonBoyz – Elders Ivy, Kimball And Nicola – Missionary Splits


Elder Ivy’s regular companion was called to the mission home for a zone leaders training over the weekend. So Elder Ivy went on splits with two other missionaries in his district, to be in a temporary “3-some” companionship. Elder Nicola and Elder Kimball were more than happy to buddy up with the blond Mormon. Following Nicola’s ordination into the Order, Elder Nicola...

MormonBoyz – Elder Xanders – Initiation


Elder Xanders couldn’t believe it. He wasn’t being sent home. Despite his actions with Elder Sorenson, it seemed that the Brethren were going to allow him to stay on his mission. Direct Download

MormonBoyz – Brother Hales – The Covenant (with President Oaks)


Brother Hales is still relatively new to the Order. After his mission, he attended BYU to become an institute teacher and taught at the Mission Training Center (MTC) to earn a few extra credit hours. It didn’t take long before he caught the attention of the Brethren serving in the MTC leadership. He has both the looks and the talent to...

MormonBoyz – Elder Xanders – Disciplinary Action (with Bishop Angus & President Oaks)


Elder Xanders was still catching his breath after he got back to his apartment. With each breath as he lay in bed , he continued to relive his meeting with President Nelson. It was all so sudden and strange; he wasn’t sure how to wrap his head around what had happened. After getting him naked and touching his body all over,...

MormonBoyz – Elder Ricci & Elder Sorensen – Missionary Journal


When a Mormon boy is on his mission, he’s almost never alone. Nearly every second of every day, he’s either paired up with a companion, in the company of a priesthood holder, or in a larger group setting where eyes can be on him at all times. One of the few moments where missionaries get a brief bit of privacy...

MormonBoyz – Elder Nicola – SECOND ANOINTING


Elder Nicola had a bounce in his step. Being an inducted member of the Order gave him a sense of security and joy he could not have anticipated. Before his calling, Nicola obsessed over impressing his superiors and standing out among his peers. He was so desperate to receive validation and be loved. In his new role, he never doubted...

MormonBoyz – Elder Kimball The Comenant


Elder Kimball had a rough time walking for days. Brother Hales’ massive endowment proved to be more of a challenge than he’d expected. Every time he took a step, he was reminded of how hard he’d been fucked in the temple basement… and every time, he got excited. Before beginning his mission, he had struggled with the idea that he wouldn’t...

MormonBoyz – Elder Xanders – THE CALLING


Ever since he arrived on his mission, Elder Xanders just wanted to go home. All his life he’d been told what to do and where to be. And now that he was eighteen, he wanted freedom. That wasn’t going to be easy for him. Between his youthful looks and his small stature, he was never treated like an adult. As a...

MormonBoyz – Elder Holland – THE NEW NAME


Those initiated into the Order are told to keep their membership a secret. They must never disclose what they learn in the temple. Young initiates in the Order only learn the identities of other members when they see others during the secret temple sessions. As a result, initiates often interact at church with one another and have no idea about...

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