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MEN – Guest Butt Fucker – Jacob Peterson & Roman Cage


Jacob Peterson’s new apartment comes with a large perk—in the form of Roman Cage’s huge cock. Jacob’s ass stretches wide as he’s pounded from behind. Roman’s girlfriend may be in the other room, but these guys need some orgasmic relief. Direct Download

MEN – Secret Affair Part 3 – Diego Reyes, Gabriel Cross, Paddy O’Brian & Skyy Knox


Couple Paddy O’Brian and Diego Reyes continue their cheating ways—together. Gabriel Cross and Skyy Knox share their beautiful bodies and delicious dicks with the newly ex-boyfriends, engaging in a hot four-way. Direct Download

MEN – Polyamor-Ass Part 3 – Cliff Jensen & Griffin Barrows


Griffin Barrows is jealous that the other guys are spending extra time with Cliff, so he wastes no time hopping into bed and stroking that man meat. Cliff realizes the sex-schedule isn’t working out, and let’s Griffin have his way with him and his gorgeous cock. Direct Download

MEN – Stig Andersen & Teddy Torres – The Dinner Party Part 1


Teddy Torres has invited his closest friends over for an intimate dinner party. Some guests get more than free food—Stig Anderson gets Teddy’s beautiful cock lodged up his tight little hole. Direct Download

MEN – Aspen and Jaxton Wheeler – Pit Stop


Caught without gas in the rain, Aspen and Jaxton Wheeler have no choice but to spend the night at a motel. A bit of fooling around leads from one thing to another, and soon the two “straight” men are hot in an embrace, boners growing strong and semen pumping through their shafts. Direct Download

MEN – Lucas Fox & Robbie Rojo – The Parlor Part 1


Robbie Rojo and Lucas Fox worship each other’s long cocks before Robbie’s asshole welcomes Lucas inside. He works that Rod with his tight behind, milking every last drop of cum from those irresistible balls. Direct Download

MEN – Secret Affair Part 2 – Diego Reyes & Gabriel Cross


Diego Reyes copes with his cheating ways—by fucking Gabriel Cross in the ass. Diego spreads those cheeks wide after getting his dick wet from Gabriel’s warm mouth. Gabriel hops on top and fucks the cum out of Diego’s tight balls. Direct Download

MEN – Aspen & Vadim Black – Twin Peaks Part 2


Perplexed by Noah’s disappearance, Vadim Black makes his way over to Aspen’s lodge for some comfort—and a tight hole to plunge his pulsing cock into. Aspen’s ass sucks in Vadim’s dick, massaging his hot shaft until he can no longer contain his cum. Direct Download

MEN – Cliff Jensen & Will Braun – Polyamor-Ass Part 2


Will Braun is ready to steal some time with Cliff from the other boyfriends. He strikes early in the AM in the shower where the other boys won’t hear his moans as his ass is penetrated by Cliff’s long fat rod. Direct Download

MEN – Diego Sans and Zayne Hardy – Can You Hear Me Now


Diego Sans discovers Zayne Hardy listening in on his jerk session when the glass Zayne was using to listen through the wall shatters. It couldn’t have shattered at a better moment, and Diego is primed for plunging some ass with his commanding cock. Direct Download

MEN – Didgeridoo Me – Aspen And Jack Hunter


Didgeridoos create a one-of-a-kind sound, and can reach deep into one’s ass. Direct Download

MEN – Diego Reyes & Lucas Fox – Fallen Angel Part 3


Lucas Fox works Diego Reyes into a horned frenzy with his relentless pounding. Diego’s prostate doesn’t stand a chance as Lucas hammers his cock into him, sending their hot loads spewing. Diego may be a fallen angel but he knows that human relationships are worth the risk. Direct Download

MEN – My Cousin Ashton Part 2 – Ashton McKay And Brandon Evans


Ashton McKay wakes up next to Brandon Evans and is ready to get down and dirty, but not before breakfast! The boys can’t make it back up to the bedroom in time… Brandon drops down to his knees and blows Ashton’s cock in the kitchen. Direct Download

Men – Secret Affair Part 1 – Paddy O’Brian And Skyy Knox


Paddy O’Brian gets intimate with Skyy Knox behind his boyfriend’s back. Skyy savors every inch of Paddy’s huge cock, taking that beautiful mushroom-head deep down his throat. Paddy works his tongue into Skyy’s cute little hole. After a close-call with his returning boyfriend, Paddy and Skyy continue to the main event. That thick Irish cock pillages Skyy’s ass until...

MEN – Peaks Part 1 – Noah Jones & Vadim Black


Dark forces and sensual secrets are afoot in the secluded mountain town of Twink Peaks. Doomed lovers Vadim Black and Noah Jones waste no time expressing their lust with puckered holes and raging hard-ons. They have no idea where it will lead them, but they know it will yield a pleasure both wonderful and strange. Noah pumps his cock...

MEN – Cliff Jensen and Vadim Black – Polyamor Ass part 1


Cliff Jensen comes clean with his multiple boyfriends about his polyamorous ways. He hopes to loop them all into one relationship by adhering to a strict sex-schedule—but Vadim Black wants special privileges and Cliff’s hot cock deep in his ass. Direct Download

MEN – Diego Sans – Unleashed (Full HD) 2017


Starring: Aspen, Brenner Bolton, Diego Sans, Jimmy Franz, Jordan Boss, Vadim Black Direct Download

MEN – William Seed, Alexy Tyler and Shawn Hardy – Closet Peepers


William Seed is caught masturbating by Alexy Tyler and Shawn Hardy—turning those two into cock-crazed horn balls. William’s seed is licked up from where he left it and Alexy and Shawn get to pounding in his bed. After an awkward encounter, William loosens up and joins in on the ass-fucking fun when he barrels Alexy Tyler’s sweet hole to...

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