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BDSM Scene – DreamboyBondage – Dirk Wakefield – Kept Boy part 7


A month ago, Dirk was brutally tortured for Many days, front and Back of the company body covered with heavy, reddish whip wounds. We tortured Dirk as we happy for the remainder of the month. Therefore, for the past four Weeks, Dirk was a fuck boy, his ass and mouth watering utilized by scores of Guys. We have maintained...

BDSM Scene – DreamboyBondage – Curtis – Tortre Twink part 4


Jared continues to pound his Jump Adolescent Servant's Chest and Abs with Hard rubber boxing gloves. Jared enjoys how this boy yells and Moans, sounds full of pain, innocence and fear. He clamps two biting clothespins on all Curtis' nipples, then circles His scrotum and covers his penis with 20 more clothespins, placing three Directly on the tip of...

BDSM Scene – DreamboyBondage – Dirk Wakefield – Kept Boy part 6


Beautiful, Slender Faculty boy Dirk hangs Upside in the dungeon, Completely nude, spread-eagled just like a sow going to be gutted. The first Blow of this single-tail whip cuts to his torso just over the ribcage. Dirk can not think the pain. A Lot More lashes followalong with leaving The boy creamy white skin to penis sliced with barbarous,...

BDSM Scene – DreamboyBondage – Curtis – Torture Twink part 3


Curtis is just one nice twink, using a bulbous buttocks and only muscle. Jared lays to the boy's buttocks and back hard with all the flogger, which makes Curtis squeal and put up on his feet, his cock bound with each blow. "And now you are gont suck on my penis," Jared announces. He's so turned On, with complete...

BDSM Scene – DreamboyBondage – Dirk Wakefield – Kept Boy part 5


Dirk Was arched on his back in agony for 2 hours, 30 Pounds of Dead weight extending his balls. Jared adds and enters yet another 20 Pounds, sending Dirk to extremes of distress. His scrotum feels just like it Could tear at any time. The boy yells, in between gasps of After a while, Jared eliminates all But five...

BDSM Scene – DreamboyBondage – Curtis – Tortre Twink part 2


Curtis is Fearful of This tall, muscular Guy who Only hours past made His heart. The almost naked man standing before him Signifies not sexual appetite but also the capability to hurt him. Curtis is bolted Into a wall, nude and totally vulnerable. The guy alternates between Unexpectedly the silent guy grabs Curtis' face. "You Will cum for me...

DreamboyBondage – Curtis – Tortre Twink Part 1


Arbitrary twink he sees in the mall. Curtis was eager when a tall, Muscular, strikingly handsome guy sits down next to him at the food He can not believe his fortune After the man offers to provide him a ride home. Once in the vehicle, Curtis, Afterward Things get muddy. Few sips of the Captain and Coke, then feeling...

DreamboyBondage – Dirk Wakefield Kept Boy Part 4


What exactly are you going to do to me today?" Dirk inquires Jared when the youthful Sadist approaches having a bucket of water and an electric toothbrush. "You are a Little overly hairy," Jared responses with a smirk, clicking the razor And removing many of Dirk's armpit and chest hair. Arched on a table, his arms handcuffed to a...

DreamboyBondage – Matie – The Whipping Boy part 9


Dreamboy Bondage - Matie - The Whipping Boy part 9 Direct Download

DreamboyBondage – Dirk Wakefield – Kept Boy part 2


Dreamboy Bondage - Dirk Wakefield - Kept Boy part 2 Direct Download

DreamboyBondage – Matie – The Whipping Boy Part 8


After spending the night on the rack, Jared’s young muscle boy, Matie, still totally naked, is strung-up in the dungeon. He has been brutally flogged, on the front and the back of his lean, dancer’s body, for no other reason than he is young and beautiful and happened to meet Jared. He is a whipping boy who exists to...

DreamboyBondage – Dirk Wakefield – Kept Boy Part 1


Dirk Wakefield is a classic kept boy, spoiled, arrogant and free-loading. Today, all that changes. He has been sent to us to be trained, to be turned into a true slave boy. This young man will learn that he exists to please his master, that he is an object of desire, a sex toy, and nothing more. He is...

DreamboyBondage – Matie – The Whipping Boy part 7


Matie remains on the rack but has been flipped over, his back and ass visibly scarred from previous whippings. Stripped to the waist, Jared strokes the boy’s muscles, appreciating the flesh he is about to shred with the whip. The first blow makes Matie gasp and shutter. The blows keep coming, harder and harder, to the boy’s back, ass...

DreamboyBondage – Alex Chandler – Putins Revenge part 8


“Time to turn it up to full power,” Jared announces, as Alex lies spread-eagled on the torture table, moaning, exhausted by the long hours of torture he has already endured. Then the current flows into his cock and balls - twice as strong as earlier - literally lifting him off the table and making every muscle in his lean,...

DreamboyBondage – Matie – The Whipping Boy part 6


After the strain of the electro-torture game, Matie is allowed a short nap, the cum on his abs now crusty. A splash of water brings Matie back to reality. He is now stretched on the rack, not tightly, but barely able to move. What he doesn’t know is that his lithe, dancer’s body can be stretched much further than...

DreamboyBondage – Matie – The Whipping Boy part 5


Our young whipping boy is allowed to sleep stretched out naked on the rack. Jared reappears in tight jeans and boots and wakes up the boy with a splash of cold water. “Good thing you have strong abs,” Jared tells the supine ballet dancer. Matie has no idea what the man means, until he feels a sudden shock of...

DreamboyBondage – Alex Chandler – Putins Revenge part 7


Jared is up to his old tricks, using boys whom he is paid to torture as his personal sex toys. Alex knows his genitals must be shocked with electricity. He knows some apparatchik in the Kremlin will be assigned to make sure he buckles in agony for the required number of minutes. But he still listens to Jared’s lies,...

DreamboyBondage – Alex Chandler – Putins Revenge part 6


Jared takes a break from Alex Chandler’s official torture regiment to enjoy himself, fucking the boy with a tapered, rigid dildo we call the “punishment dildo.” Gay Alex has clearly been fucked before, but Jared still makes him suffer, shoving the spike-like dildo in hard and deep, fucking the Russian boy’s asshole raw as he moans in pleasure-pain. But...

DreamboyBondage – Matie – The Whipping Boy part 4


In one of the hottest scenes we’ve ever shot, super-stud Jared first zaps Matie’s perfect ass and back with the violent wand, then fucks his puckering asshole with a rigid, tapered dildo. The ballet boy’s ass is so muscular his cheeks barely touch. His whimpers and cries, as he’s fucked, are so seductive they drive Jared mad with desire....

DreamboyBondage – Matie – The Whipping Boy part 3


Matie has been turned around and re-strapped to the steel ladder. He is still naked but for his tiny, assless briefs, which frame his butt-cheeks beautifully. His ass is a true dancer’s ass, so taut and firm the cheeks barely touch, two globes sculpted by a thousand hours of training. His shoulders are broad and his waist narrow and...

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