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CzechHunter 306


It was a beautiful day so I decided to go on a little trip. I chose the part of Prague that is almost at the outskirts of the city. When I arrived, I spotted a beautiful rock that was overlooking the whole area. I decided to get there, I just had to find myself a guide. Luckily, I stumbled...

CzechHunter 305 Public Sex


And so I tried my fortune in a common lake summertime is entirely move. I realized there will be a lots of adorable kids into doing anything dirty to entice. Following a couple of minutes I achieved two small buddies, Jesse and Jirka, getting bronze and relaxing out. They understood one another at their house city since senior school...

CzechHunter 304


I’ve been looking for a new catch the whole morning. I met a few nice guys, talked to them, but none of them wanted to earn easy money. At least not enough to make me satisfied. Finally, I came across a young fellow who was slacking off school. His life was just crazy at the moment. He had a...

CzechHunter 303


It seem summer finally came to Prague. Nice weather had brought out people to enjoy sports. My eye was on rollerbladers today. Again I went to the biggest rollerblading circle in Prague looking for a nice catch. The place was full of busy people but I managed to find a nice blond guy who just was packing his stuff....

CzechHunter 302


Today I walked around a bus station looking for boys. After a few minutes, a young good looking guy approached me and asked me politely for 100 Crowns. He didn’t look like a homeless person at all so I started talking to him. Apparently, he came to Prague to work on some antennas or something like that. I wasn’t...

CzechHunter 301


I was chilling out and looking for a nice catch when I saw this guy. He was easy to spot. A tall and huge boy. And I mean huge! I used my blog about athletes excuse on him and he swallowed the bait easily. He definitely wanted to show off. So I took him to a nearby work out...

CzechHunter 300


This was a very expensive evening but it was well worth it. I met two siblings, boy and girl, arguing where to go out. I invited them for a play and they took me along. How nice. The girl was older than her brother so she was the boss. Actually, I think she fancied me a lot. She kinda...

CzechHunter 299


There are really nice spring markets around Prague, so I decided to try my luck at the biggest one of them. Weather could be better, at least I didn’t have to go through crowds. Soon, I met two boys sipping beer. We had sausage and fooled around with animals that were at the market. Unfortunately, one of the boys...

CzechHunter 298


I wanted to breathe some fresh air today, to enjoy sunny spring weather. Well, this idea didn’t turned out particularly great. The weather was quite chilly, the park I chose for a walk was a little depressing. To make things even better, I got a bit lost. I didn’t want to backtrack so I kept going, hoping for...

CzechHunter 99


I like sportsmen a lot. I like soccer boys. I like swimmers. But I LOVE skaters. I cannot even exactly say why. This fetish of mine must have developed in my adolescence. When I walked down the streets of beautiful Prague I came along the national monument. Some typical communist building. Martial and pompous. Nowadays boys hang around in...

CzechHunter 153


Horrible weather and rain. On a day like this there isn’t much to do. Boredom usually makes me horny like a bull. I took my cam but the streets have been empty. I approached the first dude I’ve met, he was willing to show me his cock in a phone booth but that was just all the fun I’ve...

CzechHunter 297


Today I went to a square with a nice Cathedral. I met two funny dudes there, one of them was kinda hot, if you like teenagers who look like kids. They had some potential so I took them to a nice pub but they didn’t want to do anything crazy. Still, it was a good idea to go there...

CzechHunter 296


I wanted to hunt outside Prague. And to make things even more interesting I decided to get there by using carpooling. I just went online and randomly picked a guy to go with. I didn’t care where he was going. There are young boys everywhere. When I got inside the car I was a bit disappointed at first because...

CzechHunter 295

CzechHunter 295

I wanted to do something crazy, something I normally never do. After short thinking, I decided to visit a gay bar. I went there very early, hoping to find the place half-empty so I could have a nice chat with someone. Honestly, the place surprised me a lot. There were only four other people and the only gay person...

CzechHunter 294


I went hunting on the Wenceslas Square today. It’s a tricky area, sometimes all you can find are tourists, sometimes you meet a nice boy. Actually I met two tourists, Vasek was Czech and Michal was Slovak. They were friends on a trip to Prague. What are the odds! We started chatting and had a great fun. When you’re...

CzechHunter 293 Pablic Bareback


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CzechHunter 292 – Bareback Scene


I visited my celebration that was friend’s dreaming about a capture that was pleasant. Sadly, I got drunk that I had been not able to movie. Well, atleast a brand new buddy was created by me there. We spoke and drunk. We actually included one another on Facebook as friends. Nothing strange. Two nights before he wrote me a...

CzechHunter 291 – Bareback Scene


Wanted to try karts. And so I visited among the interior monitors that may be present in Prague, it appeared really awesome on Facebook. I introduced my gear and my camera . I simply wished to be ready for everything. The karts appeared really a little harmful, I absolutely didn’t wish by operating one to risk my camera. And...

CzechHunter 290 – Bareback Scene


Another cold day in Prague. My fortune tried in a train stop to cover in the cold. There I met a pair on the way house, Eliska and Mira. These desired to perform with me and were really awesome. Eliska was a little jealous so she simply confirmed her boyfriend’s penis to me. She was also frightened to allow...

CzechHunter 289 – Bareback Scene


So I chose to attempt hunting it wasn't raining today. I'd a good time taking a look at lots of small men and travelling. Lastly, I came across a pleasant pair experiencing their day-off. They I would like to join them-and we'd a chat that is pleasant. Sadly, the lady got only a little frustrated by my efforts to...

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