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ChaosMen – Timmy Solo


I received some poor selfie images of Timmy when he applied, so I didn't really know what to expect when he arrived at the studio. He was somewhat local, so I took a chance to meet with him first. I could tell he had a nice build, and his cock looked a decent size too, but the photos were...

Chaosmen – Slade & Degan


So this movie creeped over the 20 minute mark, so it’s a big file! As usual, Slade takes control and time to work his partner into a frenzy. I knew from the Serviced video, that despite’s Degan’s tough-guy look, he was pretty passive, and way into having his ass played with. Slade has had to control his dominate side working with...

ChaosMen – Shear Chaos Vol. 6 – Creampie Edition (2011)


Release Year: 2011 Studio: ChaosMen Cast: Randall, Bastian, A.J., Antonio, Dante, Eli, Gerin, Hagan, Hayden, Nash, Nathaniel, Parker, Sebastian, Taylor Genres: Bareback, Anal, Compilation Shear Chaos Vol. 6: Creampie Edition features the latest raw action from ChaosMen's Shear series, all with creampie action. Shear Chaos Vol. 6: Creampie Edition is nearly three hours of bareback scenes featuring ChaosMen's hottest (mostly) straight dudes. Direct Download

ChaosMen – Prentice & Shiloh – Serviced


I believe it has been about 3 years (and 45 pounds more of muscle) since Prentice did his solo. He was a very popular model that never could get his head wrapped around working with a dude. Mostly it was about not wanting his friends to give him a hard time, but as one gets older, it usually...

ChaosMen – Nathaniel & Degan


Nathaniel didn’t think the 5-way was “too bad” and though he struggled staying hard, his success at nutting right away had him ending on a positive note. Just before he left after the scene, he was already saying he could do more. Of course we all know “more”, really doesn’t mean much “more” than getting their dick sucked and fucking. But...

ChaosMen – Jet & Braxton RaW


I pretty much took Braxton through the same steps as Kellan last week. He too couldn't get a cock in his mouth, so I pushed him to at least to "touch" Jet's dick. I told Jet to just take charge, and he surprised me (and Braxton!) by diving in with a kiss. Jet is not fond of kissing, but I...

ChaosMen – Dante And Hayden


Both Dante and Hayden grew up in the same region. They both have similar accents, attitudes and experiences. So I really wanted to put these two guys together. Direct Download

ChaosMen – Dante And Parker


This video has a little secret right in the left of it. One that Parker didn’t share with me until we took a break. As I have said in the past, Dante has resigned himself to being a bottom, despite his domineering attitude. Truth be told, the dude can take pretty much any dick I have...

ChaosMen – Dante & Nathaniel – RAW


Nathaniel took some time off to think about doing more. I kept kind of putting him off because he had basically hit his limits. I had great feedback on him, so I was pleased when he called me up to say he was done worrying about doing more and that he would try everything. And….that his long hair was...

ChaosMen – Cooper Soltis & Degan Wrapped


So Degan did pretty well getting fucked by Slade’s big dick, and seems to get off on being subtly dominated. I already knew that Cooper was a bossy top, loving to make dudes’ gag or sit on his fat cock. So I thought the dynamic would be a natural fit. And it sure was. Before the shoot, I snuck aside Cooper...

Chaosmen – Connor & Degan


Nuffin’ like a side-by-side jack off that turns into a major fucking. Ok, not a complete surprise, as we always discuss everyone’s limits. But the deal with Connor was, try this, try that, and if you think you can do more… then do more. He did more! Surprisingly, eager bottom Degan was struggling to lead the newbie through the gay sex. Well,...

ChaosMen – Nathaniel & Teague RAW


How about quickie for Wednesday morning? I seriously misjudged Teague’s ability to handle pain. He has always kind of bragged about his tolerance level. Now Nathaniel may not look like he has a giant cock on his large frame, but it IS quite large. Long and wide. When they were getting charged up playing with their own dicks while watching a pussy...

Chaosmen – 0799 – Kent & Nathaniel RAW


Nathaniel laid low after either friends or family found out he was doing gay adult work. I have always liked this big dude. He is the epitome of the straight ex-marine type. He hit me up for more work though when he got in a tight financial spot. I guess figuring the cat...

ChaosMen – 5-Way 500 Wrapped Part 2 – Will, Riley, Barret, Nathaniel & Caesar


For this shoot, I told the guys that to stay on set, they had to have a hard dick. I hate group videos with a bunch of soft cocks. I set up 3 TVs in separate rooms so they could watch their pussy flick, get hard, come in, and stick their dick anywhere. Exit when they get soft. 'Lil Ceasar...

ChaosMen – 5-Way 500 Wrapped Part 1 – Will, Riley, Barret, Nathaniel & Caesar


Welcome to the 500th video on the site. Ok, so there might not be quite yet 500 on the site, as I don't release videos in the order I shoot them, but it was the 500th video I shot. To celebrate this momentous occasion, I thought a 5-Way gang bang would be appropriate! Enter Will, who told me he loves guys...

ChaosMen – Jerome And Michael And Wren – TagTeam RAW


I knew that Jerome and Wren have amazing energy, but Michael was an unknown element. This was Michael's first time, and you can tell he is not quite sure what to think. Jerome and Wren keep pulling him in, and overall, I think he gets it together pretty quickly. Direct Download

ChaosMen – Corban & Vander


Corban is a completely different dude in this video! He was fairly closeted when he did his solo/oral video, and would not even suck Jonas, despite him playing with guys in his private life. It was just 'too gay'. He was married at the time, and not Out to any friends. Well that changed, and now he is a way...

ChaosMen – Prentice Solo Toys


Prentice seems to be on a 3-to-4-year return cycle. He reached out about doing some full-on sex videos. I realized he first appeared on the site 7 years ago (2010) and did only a solo. Then, in 2014 he was down to get his dick sucked. His video with Shiloh is a ChaosMen Classic! Back then he was just 21-years-old. Since...

ChaosMen – Jalen & Robbie Rivers RAW


Robbie is obviously a pro, so I was happy to put him with Jalen who had not done a full-sex scene on film. Though, given Jalen's sensual enthusiasm during his Serviced video, I was not expecting any problems. With Robbie having video experience, we jumped right into a Raw scene. Robbie is definitely the dude in control in this video, but...

ChaosMen – Spiro & Theon (Raw)


This is Spiro‘s second time having sex with a dude, and I really think he turned up the energy and pushed his limits. Of course it doesn’t hurt that Theon is one sexy dude, and even for a straight guy like Spiro, he could clearly see Theon had an amazing body on him. I had asked what else he would...

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